Ann-Marie Marchant

Ann-Marie Marchant

Ann-Marie Marchant is a multi faith minister, facilitator and spiritual mentor. Her pathway to awakening, combined with 20yr practise in the holistic & spiritual field, has seen her work grow and develop with many clients, particularly with those seeking heart connection and awakening. Anne-Marie has carved a unique groove and reputation for holding a space of authenticity, clarity and love.

Combining her 22 years of spiritual practise, training as a multi faith minister, Course In miracles Practitioner and work as a hypnotherapist and holistic therapist, Ann-Marie is passionate about supporting those she works with to come home to remembering who they truly are and to live a centred, open, joyful, flowing and harmonious life. She loves joining in presence and authenticity at events, workshops and retreats. This is the third retreat she will have hosted at Claridge House – before that she has run several Soul Retreats in collaboration with other facilitators, so you will be in loving and gentle hands.


Diploma in Holistic Therapies (Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Anatomy & Physiology)
Diploma in Indian Head Massage
Diploma in Sports Massage
NLP Practitioner – Evolution Training
Integrated Hypnotherapist – Isis School of Integrated Hypnotherapy
Angel Healer/Therapist – with Sanctuary of Angels
Multi Faith Minister – the Vale Ministry
Accredited Facilitator for Penny Brohn Cancer Charity UK

Retreats led by Ann-Marie Marchant

March 2024

Booking ID: 280324

All spiritual paths ultimately involve the journey to: ‘Know Thself’. This true self is completely innocent, trusting, open, authentic, peaceful, loving and full of joy. The awakening to this natural state of being, involves the willingness to look within and reveal the old perceptions, stories, fears, judgements and suffering, that keep us stuck. In this retreat, Ann-Marie will gently and lovingly support you through this process, as well as guiding various meditation, mindfulness, self-enquiry and prayer practises.

The basis of the facilitation will be from different spiritual modalities, including the non-dual teachings of A Course in Miracles, Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ and Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. If you are seeking to deepen your spiritual practice and open more fully to the God of your own understanding, then do come and join Ann-Marie in the tranquil setting of Claridge House this springtime. Your true spirit is waiting to fly free!

Ann-Marie is passionate about supporting those she works with to find inner peace, authenticity and joy. She is a spiritual mentor, author, multi-faith minister, A Course in Miracles practitoner and meditation facilitator. Her greatest gift is to wholeheartedly support people on their spiritual awakening journey, back home to inner peace and self-love.


To find out a little more about Ann-Marie  Here is the link to her website event page

Residential price: £575.00
Non-residential price: £275.00