Anne Simpson

Anne Simpson Anne has a clinical practice in Meopham, Gravesend and Bexley; managing case load and caring for patients, marketing the service, public education, interface with other health care professionals. As a meditation facilitator, Annedevises, organises, markets and manages on-going meditation courses, workshops and retreats. Anne holds the space, enabling course participants to experience all aspects of Mindfulness meditation practice. Anne is a Quaker Spiritual Healer and Registered Homoeopath

Retreats led by Anne Simpson

March 2024

Booking ID: 150324

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In these times of great change we become aware of a universal truth in the Eastern philosophies is that Life is Change; yet the human condition hates uncertainty and as a result stress and dis-ease can be precipitated by the unexpected.  

Residential price: £399.00
Non-residential price: £199.00

June 2024

Booking ID: 100624

Using mindfulness meditative techniques, this totally silent retreat offers an opportunity to contemplate in the transition from autumn to winter the meaning of change, uncertainty and adjustment
Set in the time of year when we start to transit from autumn to winter, this retreat will enable us to go within and integrate change and all it means for us and go into a hibernatory period that is winter with clarity and equanimity.

This may be especially relevant in these ever changing times we are living in where we are asked to be more in a state of being than doing.

Anne Simpson, an experienced Course Facilitator and Quaker Healer, will be running this silent retreat.

Residential price: £490.00