Gina Hardy

Gina lives in Surrey UK and is a Yoga teacher, relationship coach and therapist. She believes that we are being invited to wake up to all that isn`t true in our lives which is often through difficult relationships and ill heath. She offers Hatha and Yin Yoga classes and retreats to help people to stop and become self aware, so they are equipped to be able to become the best version of themselves. The key to life is the quality of relationship to everything and that starts with awareness of self. Her motto for life is : Live, Learn, Love, Pay it Foward

Retreats led by Gina Hardy

April 2018

Booking ID: 230418

Is often a time to recover from too much food and socializing and New Year can bring a desire to change things. Come and join us and treat your body and mind to alone time. The only things on the menu will be, some restful Yin Yoga, meditation, silent time and light healthy food to bring you back into balance and help you start 2018 refreshed and ready. No Yoga experience necessary. For more details see, to book contact Gina at

Non-residential price: £95.00

October 2018

Booking ID: 151018

These retreat days are for the busy parent, career person, business owner or anyone who feels they have lost touch with the meaning of life and their sense of health and happiness. Being too busy is too easy! Stopping is often craved but bypassed for the next thing on the list. Come home to you with Hatha Yoga, meditation, sound healing and some silent time. No Yoga experience necessary. You will be very welcome. For more details see, to book contact Gina at

Non-residential price: £95.00