Divya Kohli

Divya Kohli is a senior level (500hr International Yoga Alliance accredited) qualified Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher, influenced by the Insight Meditation tradition. She is trained in Restorative, Yin, Hatha and Dynamic Yoga, and Vipassana, Tibetan Buddhist, Classical Raja and Insight meditation practices. She studied English, American and French literature at University (Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1993-6). Following a sponsored traineeship with The Guardian newspaper, she worked as a news journalist and then a Communications consultant in the charity sector. Music and Philosophy are big passions (particularly electronic dance music and treatises on peaceful ways of being). “For me, what is going on in the world is as important as what is going on in my head and heart.” From me to you, Namaste. www.yogawithdivya.co.uk

Retreats led by Divya Kohli

January 2020

Booking ID: 240120

This is a special weekend retreat designed to give you a path to rebalancing and restoring your body and sense of wellbeing, an ideal way to set the tone for your new year ahead. Included: Breathing techniques for moderating stress, anxiety and restlessness; Yoga postures and ways of practising designed for releasing deep held physical tension and not exhausting the body, including Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga; Yoga Nidra Meditation for deep relaxation Mindfulness Meditation for peace of mind; Understanding how the state of the body and our mental state influence each other; Eastern spiritual wisdom on finding peace, applied to modern day living. Led by senior yoga and mindfulness teacher Divya. For more information, visit: www.yogawithdivya.co.uk

Residential price: TBC