Lotus Nguyen

Lotus Nguyen

Lotus Nguyen is a co-author of an internationally published book Rapid Change for Heart-Centered Women and the creator of the Heart-Mindfulness™ system designed to assist professionals, entrepreneurs and executives who are under pressure and struggle to find quality time in their lives. Through Heart-Mindfulness™ training, she helps her clients tap into their inner resources and unleash their power to effectively deal with life’s challenges and experience more peace, joy and fulfilment in their daily lives. Born and raised in Vietnam, Lotus has been a Buddhist meditator since twelve years old. Gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit, she became a breadwinner supporting her family at a young age after the Vietnam War. After having trained as an English teacher for five years and achieved a BA of Honour from Hochiminh City`s Pedagogy University, she moved on to create her own independent film production company and worked as a producer / director in England for 15 years. As a certified mentor, mindfulness coach & teacher, Lotus has dedicated her life to finding the perfect balance of Eastern philosophy and Western lifestyle, mastering the art of applying the ancient practice of mindfulness for modern day impact. When she isn’t coaching, she relishes in Argentinean tango.

Retreats led by Lotus Nguyen

May 2018

Booking ID: 110518

Establish, deepen and expand your mindfulness practice with the exploration of your body. During this weekend, you’ll learn to connect and listen to each organ, attune to its rhythm and touch it with loving kindness. This learning experience will be transformative for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Residential price: £265.00