Andrei Illes

Andrei Illes

Andrei is a professional massage therapist and teacher with many years experience. In his practice he uses his knowledge and experience of internal energy gained from his lifelong interest in martial arts. Andrei has a firm belief in the effectiveness of massage as a complementary therapy capable of benefiting everyone. Andrei’s massages are all performed with consideration of his client as his prime guiding principle. His clients are people of all ages and his natural, caring approach generates a sense of security and well being that has them returning time and time again. Following his long involvement with various martial arts he started studying Tai Chi in 2012. Andrei now teaches Chen style Tai Chi in his local community. He is a member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

Retreats led by Andrei Illes

July 2020

Booking ID: 170720

ShiBaShi a practice of coordinating slow flowing movements with deep rhythmic breathing and calm meditative mind. Many practice it for relaxation, preventive medicine and self-healing, meditation and self-cultivation. Short talks, demonstration and practice in a magnificent place with a charismatic tutor.

Residential price: £305.00

November 2020

Booking ID: 061120

Six healing sounds is an ancient energy cultivation practice that is both easy to learn and then perform back at home. It is one of the forms of Chinese Qigong, and the practice involves the co-ordination of gentle static movements and breathing with specific generated sounds, as well as the use of imagery and visualisation. These exercises are aligned to theories of the five elements, intrinsic to traditional Chinese Medicine. It offers an effective way of dealing with modern-day stress. Come and practise, to transform your accumulated negative energy, full of love and carrier of well-being. Please bring comfortable clothing.

Residential price: £305.00