Francis Standish

Francis had a career in Education until a transition into organisational learning and development. He has been a keen student of English since his teens, has a deep interest in how we speak our truth, and has written poems at significant times throughout his life. He has an enduring interest in how the wisdom from meaningful experience is expressed through the beauty of language.

Retreats led by Francis Standish

January 2020

Booking ID: 170120

January is a still, dormant time of year, a good time to consider the challenges and opportunities offered by the forthcoming year. This guided retreat will help you to convert your wishes, hopes and dreams for the year into positive actions. In addition to helping you tackle the uncertainties of the future it will help you to release the past and move on.
This weekend retreat will be led by Francis Standish who is an experienced facilitator with a deep interest in supporting personal development. He has already led a number of successful Retreats at Claridge House.

Residential price: £285.00