Francis Standish

Francis had a career in Education until a transition into organisational learning and development. He has been a keen student of English since his teens, has a deep interest in how we speak our truth, and has written poems at significant times throughout his life.

Retreats led by Francis Standish

March 2019

Booking ID: 220319

A reflective retreat for those currently experiencing Change in their lives, or the need for Change, and for those interested in how they deal with Change. How much is Change a natural process? Does it have a cultural dimension too? “Change is loss.” Is it also gain? Does change contain light and shadow? Francis Standish has been involved in many change programmes as a facilitator. He holds an ongoing curiosity for the interface between personal change and social transition.

Residential price: £265.00
Non-residential price: £195.00

April 2019

Booking ID: 110419

A reunion of the 2018 Change Retreat participants, to reconnect with each other as a supportive group and review what progress they have each made over the past 9 months with their intended changes.

Non-residential price: TBC