Angela Davies

Angela Davies

I am a Quaker, a counsellor and I work internationally training people in using Bach Flower Remedies. Previously a civil servant in Geneva, I have worked in complementary healthcare for over 30 years. My own healing journey led me to explore many therapies and practices. The most remarkable healing I discovered was Dr. Bach`s set of 38 flower remedies. I have been using these on myself and my clients for the last 30 years. I have been a Registered Bach Practitioner since 1996 and a trainer delivering Bach Centre approved courses since 1997. I love helping people to reach their full potential with the Bach Flower Remedies. Taking the remedies short-term can take you out of an emotional crisis, using them long term, is a journey of personal and spiritual development. I`ve visited Claridge House many times during the last 17 years in the roles of guest and course leader and I look forward to returning again to share this simple, yet profound method of healing with you.

Retreats led by Angela Davies

April 2024

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Bach Remedies are a set of 38 flower based essences created by a medical doctor in the 1930`s.  They are natural, safe and suitable for everyone, even those on medication.  They gently lift us out of difficult emotional states so we can become more balanced.

A supportive, nurturing weekend to explore where you are in your life, 
mentally/emotionally, where you would like to be and how the remedies can support you in
moving forward. The remedies help us move out of difficult emotional states like stress, 
anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc.
You will make yourself a mixing bottle containing up to 7 remedies to use and take away – a combination unique to you.
This course is for complete beginners or those with some knowledge of the remedies.
Facing a challenge or dealing with an uncertain time?
Wonderfing how to move forward and what you need to let go of?
Explore where you`re at in a safe, confidential space with support and time for reflection.
Look at where you want to get to and make yourself a unique blend of 7 Bach Flower Remedies to bring balance, healing and confidence to move forward.  

Non-residential price: £80.00