Lina Newstead

Lina Newstead B.A. BWY Diploma Cert Ed. Lina has been practising Yoga since 1975, gaining experience with Yoga teachers from different traditions. She has been taught meditation in the Buddhist Tibetan tradition which covers Mindfulness. She has had extensive experience in teaching Yoga & meditation to adults, children, pregnant women, and to students with special needs such as MS & ME. She has a City & Guilds Level 4 Certificate in Education. She is a BWY Foundation Course & Diploma course tutor. She has completed a BWY Post Graduate Module in Pranayama & Meditation. She has taught the CYQ Yoga Diploma at The City Lit in London and the BWY Yoga Diploma course at The Studio in Canterbury. She also teaches regular private classes, retreat weekends & days at various beautiful venues, co tutoring with other Yoga teachers. The style of physical Yoga that she teaches is inclusive & very therapeutic, with an emphasis on good breathing, deep relaxations & meditation. She always likes to add that little bit of extra interest teaching about mandalas, mantras & mudras.

Retreats led by Lina Newstead

December 2017

Booking ID: 291217

This retreat will be a very different way to spend New Year. We will be looking back at the old year and think about what you want from 2018. It will be a positive way to transition from one to the other. It will also include ways to be resilient to the ups & downs that life sends us. During the retreat a variety of approaches will be offered to help you create your own personal vision for the way ahead. There will be practices using, mindfulness, meditations, simple yoga, discussion, journaling, collage and more. Each session can stand alone & you can dip in and out of them if you so wish to have personal time for reflection. A spirit of enquiry and lightness is at the heart of all the sessions. Each person will be offered a short focussing session with the tutor, if desired, during the retreat.

Residential price: £545.00

January 2018

Booking ID: 110118

Find ways through meditation to build resilience and find joy in the ups and downs the year will bring.

Non-residential price: £50.00

February 2018

Booking ID: 070218

For yoga practitioners and others who are simply interested in learning more about the subtle body it will include the chakra system & how it can energise & heal.

Non-residential price: £50.00

Booking ID: 160218

Do you need to have a digital detox? Come and enjoy a weekend to enhance your well-being with practices from Yoga and mindfulness meditation. There will be information on how to deal with insomnia and stressful lifestyles. Enjoy the vegetarian food and walks in the local countryside. Massage may be available at an extra cost.

Residential price: £275.00

March 2018

Booking ID: 080318

A day to really focus on how meditation can enrich and enhance your life.

Non-residential price: £50.00

April 2018

Booking ID: 040418

We all seem so short of time in busy lives. Learn how meditation can make time stand still

Non-residential price: £50.00

Booking ID: 090418

Why travel far away for your Yoga retreat? Simply come to Surrey for a full timetable of posture work, breathing, deep relaxation and meditation. Wonderful vegetarian food will help cleanse and heal your body. All in a peaceful, spiritual setting that will re-energise your mind, body and spirit.

Residential price: £420.00

May 2018

Booking ID: 100518

Refresh your practice or learn mindfulness meditation with an added twist.

Non-residential price: £50.00

June 2018

Booking ID: 060618

Explore different ways to use walking meditation, both indoor and outdoors rain or shine!

Non-residential price: £50.00

Booking ID: 080618

Meditation is a practice to improve one’s quality of life making it flow with ease. In challenging times it can help to build mental resilience and strength to cope with whatever life has to offer. Bring calm and clarity to your life. These practices are taken from Mindfulness, Yoga and Buddhist traditions and are accessible to everyone. Simple mindful movement, deep relaxation, sitting and walking meditation will be practised.

Residential price: £265.00

July 2018

Booking ID: 050718

How listening & being quiet can allow a soothing calm to heal the heart & soul (Not suitable for beginners)

Non-residential price: £50.00

September 2018

Booking ID: 050918

A fact of life difficult to accept for human beings but one to come to terms with transition. (Not suitable for beginners)

Non-residential price: £50.00

October 2018

Booking ID: 041018

A practice to cultivate for your own and others` benefit.

Non-residential price: £50.00

Booking ID: 221018

Lina set up by Lili

Residential price: £420.00

November 2018

Booking ID: 071118

Mantra is a way of harnessing positive intentions through meditation to transform your life.

Non-residential price: £50.00

December 2018

Booking ID: 061218

At the darkest part of the year use meditation practice to explore light and dark.

Non-residential price: £50.00