September 2018

Booking ID: 210918

Tutor: Rebecca Hubbard

Oak trees tucked up inside acorns - these and other seeds provide wonder and inspiration for this weekend, provoking new creative, written work. We will observe different seeds and explore how they offer a way of talking about our inner potential and growth aided by myths, our imaginations and memories."

Residential price: £260.00

Booking ID: 250918

Tutor: Julia R Martin

Follow in the footsteps of China`s ancient `scholar painters` and be enchanted by `Autumn Colours`, learn to paint beautiful subjects with joy and peace in your heart. Suitable for all, beginners are especially welcome, if you have more experience come and share this with us.

Residential price: £245.00

Booking ID: 280918

Tutor: Lina Newstead

Experience activities that will boost your immune system and your endorphins! Yoga, meditation, deep relaxation, sound and more!

Residential price: £285.00

October 2018

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Tutor: Andrei Illes

The vast number of diseases that surfaced in the world is largely preventable. They are triggered typically due to high stress, poor nutritional and lifestyle choices, lack of exercise. It is therefore more important than ever to take responsibility for your health and to look after yourself. Tai Chi takes a step further by not only improving your old chronic problems through gentle exercise, but raising your general wellness. Try it! Your health is worth it! All ages and physical abilities welcome.

Residential price: £245.00

Booking ID: 191018

Tutor: Divya Kohli

The retreat will include yoga inspired practices, calming meditations, some teachings on the body and mind relationship, spiritual wisdom and breathing tools for rest and de-strees. If you are working with a health condition, please discuss prior to booking. Limited number of places available. Please make your booking direct with Divya, details below. Your guide will be Divya who has 20 years` experience of yoga and meditation and now specialists in applying yoga and philosophical wisdom to finding peace and equilibrium in today`s busy, fast-paced world. You can find more about her and the retreat at:

Residential price: TBC

Booking ID: 221018

Tutor: Lina Newstead

Bring a skilful attention to your Yoga practice that will move it into a different dimension. The postures, breathing practices and deep relaxation techniques will be practised with hand mudras (gestures), mantras (positive affirmations) and meditation in both Yogic and Buddhist traditions.

Residential price: £440.00

Booking ID: 261018

Tutor: Sarah Fox

Experiential workshop using safe cross-cultural shamanism to help move us towards becoming whole. We will each make and birth our own rattle and use shamanic drums, journeying and fire ceremony. Suitable for beginners, but the materials on working with the drum and rattle will be new to Claridge House.

Residential price: £285.00

November 2018

Booking ID: 021118

Tutor: Nikki Tuke

This calming weekend of gentle yoga will take you on a journey from easing and stretching the outermost, physical layer of ourselves, all the way through to working on freeing, and connecting to, the more subtle energies within the body. Using this yogic theme of the Koshas (our 5 layers of being) Nikki will guide to a place of inner well-being.

Residential price: £285.00

Booking ID: 091118

Tutor: James D'Angelo

The natural vibrations of our voices can unlock the fine energies of the chakras and re-vitalise the organs of the body. Applied therapeutically, the voice is the perfect instrument for tuning the energy centres, purifying our psychology, removing stress and gaining heightened awareness. These practices are forms of sound Yoga and vocal homeopathy.

Residential price: £275.00

Booking ID: 231118

Tutor: Leah Barnett

Over the weekend we`ll explore how the yoga practices can help calm a busy mind, soothe an agitated nervous system & connect with the ocean of peace which resides within. We will use a combination of simple movements with breath to move energy safely through the body, nurturing breathing practices so pacify the mind, sound work to soothe the soul, deep relaxation (including yoga nidra) & quiet sitting (meditation) to help us move into stillness. Suitable for those with moderate ME/CFS.

Residential price: £260.00

December 2018

Booking ID: 031218

A four-night full board residential retreat, to relax before a busy Christmas. Included are optional activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, guided walks, poetry, and a chance to join a Meditation day workshop for only £20. All activities will be undertaken by our experienced tutors.

Residential price: £525.00

Booking ID: 231218

Enjoy a quiet Christmas, away from the normal pressures. Relax, go for walks or play games. Gather for our daily Quiet Times. Come together to share favourite music, poetry and writings.

Residential price: £615.00

Booking ID: 291218

Tutor: Lina Newstead

This retreat for women will be a very different way to spend New Year. We will be looking at what you want from 2019. It will be a positive way to view the future. It will also include ways to be resilient to the ups and downs that life sends us. A variety of approaches will be offered to help you create your own personal vision for the way ahead. There will be practices using mindfulness, meditations, simple yoga, discussion, journaling, collage and positive thinking. Each session can stand alone and you can dip in and out of them if you so wish to have personal time for reflection. A spirit of enquiry and lightness is at the heart of all the sessions. Each person will be offered a short focusing session with the tutor, if desired, during the retreat.
Women only

Residential price: £550.00