October 2019

Booking ID: 251019

Tutor: James D'Angelo

The natural vibrations of our voices can unlock the fine energies of the chakras and re-vitalise the organs of the body. Applied therapeutically, the voice is the perfect instrument for tuning the energy centres, purifying our psychology, removing stress and gaining heightened awareness. These practices are forms of sound Yoga and vocal homeopathy. Due to illness Alistair Smith will be replacing James D`Angelo. www.soundcoherence.co.uk

Residential price: £285.00

November 2019

Booking ID: 011119

Tutor: Leah Barnett

Over the weekend we`ll explore how the yoga practices can help calm a busy mind, soothe an agitated nervous system and connect with the ocean of peace which resides within. We will use a combination of simple movements with breath to move energy safely through the body, nurturing breathing practices so pacify the mind, sound work to soothe the soul, deep relaxation (including yoga nidra) and quiet sitting (meditation) to help us move into stillness. Suitable for those with moderate ME/CFS.

Residential price: £265.00

Booking ID: 081119

Tutor: Andrei Illes

An ancient contemplative and energy cultivation practice, easy to learn and perform. Coordination of slow movements and breathing with specific sounds and the use of imagery and visualisation. An effective way of dealing with stress. Short talks, demonstration and practice in a magnificent place with a charismatic tutor.

Residential price: £265.00

Booking ID: 221119

Tutor: Jill Payne

The Alexander Technique is a learned skill which improves health, balance and co-ordination and is medically proven as a long term solution to back pain (BMJ 2008). This gently-paced course uses explanation, lying down, guided activities, hands-on work and discussion to explore the principles involved. Please bring comfortable clothing.

Residential price: £265.00

December 2019

Booking ID: 061219

Tutor: Lotus Nguyen

Discover the new mindfulness approach to release emotional toxins which are the main cause for bad health, stagnation and blockages in your journey toward happiness. You’ll also learn how to harness inner and outer energy for your vitality. This weekend’s hands-on experience will be transformative for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Residential price: £285.00

February 2020

Booking ID: 140220

Tutor: Lina Newstead

Well-being is a state we all aspire to, so come and get new ideas on how to boost it in your life. The practices will be simple movement, mindfulness meditations, deep relaxation and walking in the garden. Creative sessions will be offered for you to explore what makes you happy and tips on how to stay healthy and develop a positive mind-set.

Residential price: £295.00