January 2019

Booking ID: 180119

Tutor: Andrei Illes

Six healing sounds is an ancient energy cultivation practice that is both easy to learn and then perform back at home. It is one of the forms of Chinese Qigong, and the practice involves the co-ordination of gentle static movements and breathing with specific generated sounds, as well as the use of imagery and visualisation. These exercises are aligned to theories of the five elements, intrinsic to traditional Chinese Medicine. It offers an effective way of dealing with modern-day stress. Come and practise, to transform your accumulated negative energy, full of love and carrier of well-being. Please bring comfortable clothing.

Residential price: £265.00

February 2019

Booking ID: 010219

Tutor: Lina Newstead

Do you need to have some real me time? Come on a weekend to enhance your well-being with practices from Yoga and mindfulness meditation. There will be information on how to deal with insomnia and stressful lifestyles. Enjoy the vegetarian food and walks in the local countryside. Massage may be available at an extra cost.

Residential price: £275.00

Booking ID: 080219

Tutor: Jill Payne

The Alexander Technique is a learned skill which improves health, balance and co-ordination and is medically proven as a long term solution to back pain (BMJ 2008). This gently-paced course uses explanation, lying down, guided activities, hands-on work and discussion to explore the principles involved. Please bring comfortable clothing.

Residential price: £265.00

March 2019

Booking ID: 010319

Tutor: Julia R Martin

This ancient and beautiful art form originating from China challenges us to create more than a representation of a subject, but to `capture the spirit` of it. Learn to paint flowers and other traditional subjects with brushstrokes from your heart. Suitable for all levels and beginners are very welcome.

Residential price: £265.00

Booking ID: 220319

Tutor: Francis Standish

A reflective retreat for those currently experiencing Change in their lives, or the need for Change, and for those interested in how they deal with Change. How much is Change a natural process? Does it have a cultural dimension too? “Change is loss.” Is it also gain? Does change contain light and shadow? Francis Standish has been involved in many change programmes as a facilitator. He holds an ongoing curiosity for the interface between personal change and social transition.

Residential price: £265.00

Booking ID: 290319

Tutor: Keziah Thomas

A Retreat to the Harp weekend for adult pedal and non-pedal harpists of all abilities. The emphasis is on shared group music making with friendly, encouraging tutors.

Residential price: TBC

April 2019

Booking ID: 050419

Tutor: Gaynor Goffe

A course for all levels, from beginner to advanced, covering learning/improving/ experimenting with one or more scripts, depending on previous experience, and using them in the lay-out and design of short texts. Scripts will include: italic, foundational hand, uncial, Carolingian, italic capitals, Roman capitals, copperplate, blackletter, versals; other scripts are possible including modern pointed pen scripts.

Residential price: £290.00
Non-residential price: £195.00

Booking ID: 190419

Full Board Personal Easter Retreat. This is an opportunity for individuals to experience a relaxing Easter weekend in a peaceful, spiritual environment. Those on the retreat will be able to browse the books in our Library, enjoy the available games and puzzles or make use of the art materials provided. Alternatively it could be an opportunity to enjoy the garden, walk in the surrounding Surrey Countryside, visit one or more of the nearby National Trust Properties or experience a trip on the nearby Bluebell Steam railway.

Residential price: £310.00

Booking ID: 260419

Tutor: Gavin Frank

DO YOU WANT TO FIND YOUR VOICE? DO YOU LONG FOR A DEEPER CONNECTION WITH YOURSELF? DO YOU LOVE SINGING? Come and find your true voice in a safe and supportive environment, using techniques such as chant, improvisation, meditation, movement and much more! Singing has the potential to dissolve negative emotions, instil inner peace, and help create a greater sense of well-being. No vocal experience needed.

Residential price: £265.00

May 2019

Booking ID: 100519

Tutor: Anne Simpson

Using Mindfulness meditative techniques, this totally silent retreat offers us an opportunity to be still in the late spring/early summer growth to enhance our experience of newness and wonder. Anne Simmpson, an experienced Course Facilitator and Quaker Healer, will be running this silent retreat

Residential price: £265.00

June 2019

Booking ID: 070619

Tutor: Surya Cooper

A weekend of glorious harmony singing with Surya Cooper who is an experienced and inspiring Yoga and Music teacher, having taught many Singing, Drumming, and other music weekends. (Those with musical instruments are welcome to bring them. There will also be an opportunity to do some drumming and percussion if participants wish.) Everyone welcome; no singing or musical experience is needed and everything is taught by ear

Residential price: £290.00