February 2020

Booking ID: 050220

Tutor: Lina Newstead

Give yourself the gift of a day away from all the stress of everyday life. Mindfulness meditation techniques will be practised, formal sitting and walking meditation, deep relaxation body scan and mindful movement.

Non-residential price: £50.00

May 2020

Booking ID: 120520

Tutor: Jenny Webb

This workshop, led by Jenny Webb, offers an introduction to both handweaving and mindfulness. Using a mixture of theory and practice, we will explore the ways in which weaving can be used to help introduce periods of peacefulness, awareness and creative expression into our lives. We will be able to share our experiences in a comfortable and accepting setting. Everyone will go home with a small piece of tapestry weaving of their own. All equipment will be provided. If you are concerned that weaving could be challenging for you, please contact me to discuss the ways in which the workshop can be adapted to your needs.
May be contacted via Claridge House
Feedback from a previous Day Workshop
“Very interesting and thought provoking ... a really enjoyable and positive day”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the day”
“Very useful exercises”
“Overall you have helped me see the value of mindfulness ... helpful to come to MfW with ‘heart and mind prepared”
“Very stimulating, inspiring. I would love to do more”
“I really liked the weaving packs, also the examples”
“I was grateful that you explained the different roots of mindfulness and the history and background”

Non-residential price: £50.00