FFH Publications

The Fellowship`s journal, the triannual Towards Wholeness is published in spring, summer and winter and is available from the Membership Secretary or correspondent. A selection of past copies is available. 

Other documents listed below are available from Claridge House, Dormans Road Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6QH. Telephone 01342 832 150. Cheques to be made out to Claridge House.

A Closeness of Living: the spiritual legacy of Louie Horne Louie Horne £2.00
A House of Stars: Celebrating Life and Life after Life with Children and Angels Anne Smith (ed.) £3.00
A Pool of Quiet – meditations for a month Kitty Grave £1.20
An ordinary woman’s journey on the mystical path Monica Stafford £0.90
Creative Listening Rachel Pinney £2.00
Elizabeth Stubbs (ed.)- Coming Through the Darkness Elizabeth Stubbs (ed) £1.50
Friends find Words… Anne Smith (ed.) £2.50
George Fox and the Healing Ministry Joanna Harris & Alan Pearce (eds.) £4.00
Grief Experienced – second edition Valerie Cherry £1.80
Handicap and Bereavement Joan Fitch £1.00
In Praise of Claridge House Joanna Harris (ed.) £2.50
Lift Up the Stone Mavis E.Timms £2.00
Meditation and Contemplative Prayer Rosalind Smith £1.50
Meditations Christina Pumphrey £2.00
Quakers & Healing Today Joanna Harris & Alan Pearce (eds.) £2.00
Quakers & the Spiritual/Psychic Dimension Rosalind Smith £2.00
‘Rite’ from the Spirit Sue Glover Frykman £2.00
Science, Spirituality and Healing Joanna Harris & Alan Pearce (eds.) £2.25
Seeking to Heal? Joanna Harris & Alan Pearce (eds.) £1.20
Simple Healing Rosalind Smith £1.20
"What kind of God, what kind of Healing? Revised edition" Jim Pym £2.30

Moving Towards Wholeness

 Stephen Feltham & Peter Wilson
+ £1.30 P&P