Why choose a retreat?

Welcome to the first ever Claridge House Blog post!

Many of us are searching for new ways to de-stress and better manage our lives. With our schedules becoming ever fuller and the pressures of modern life weighing on our minds and our time, going on a retreat may help. 

The idea of going on a Retreat conjures up all sorts of ideas of health foods, detoxes and time spent in nature. When in actual fact Retreats are for ordinary people at any time in their lives. There are no expectations for anyone going on retreat, and you don’t need to be a person of faith.  

At a practical level, taking time out to recharge and reflect can act like a holiday, relieving stress and fatigue and offering a fresh perspective on issues and concerns in your everyday life. 

Create the time and space

Finding and dedicating the time to going on a retreat. Figure out when is going to work for you in your schedule and the length of time that you would like commit to. 

Set your intention

What would you like the purpose of your retreat to be? To find stillness, to work on yourself or to get some well-deserved rest.


Focus your attention on reflecting on what you truly need from your time away.

Let your mind rest

Going on a retreat is intentional time for you to take a step away from your daily life and indulge yourself in time spent alone, whether this is for a spiritual purpose or for clarity and ease of mind they are both equally valuable and you will feel the benefit. 

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