December 2017

Booking ID: 011217

Tutor: Lotus

Mindful eating can really benefit your life - this weekend will show you how. It will increase your pleasure in eating healthy foods by eating mindfully. It will identify the causes of any unhealthy eating habits. It will enable you to plan a mindful journey to a healthier condition. Christmas will give you even more pleasure when your food is eaten mindfully!

Residential price: £260.00

Booking ID: 151217

Tutor: Reuben Kay

This weekend will be led by Reuben Kay, the focus and emphasis will be on meditation and mindful movement leading to the Sacred Clown.
This weekend workshop is only suitable for those who have previously attended an Introductory Sacred Clown workshop with Reuben.

Residential price: £280.00

February 2018

Booking ID: 020218

Tutor: Jill Payne

The Alexander Technique is a learned skill which improves health, balance and co-ordination and is medically proven as a long term solution to back pain (BMJ 2008). This gently-paced course uses explanation, lying down, guided activities, hands-on work and discussion to explore the principles involved. Please bring comfortable clothing. Jill Payne, teaches the Alexander Technique in Beckenham.

Residential price: £250.00

Booking ID: 160218

Tutor: Lina Newstead

Do you need to have a digital detox? Come and enjoy a weekend to enhance your well-being with practices from Yoga and mindfulness meditation. There will be information on how to deal with insomnia and stressful lifestyles. Enjoy the vegetarian food and walks in the local countryside. Massage will be available at an extra cost.
Price TBC, until they have been fixed any deposit paid will be refundable.

Residential price: £260.00