March 2017

Booking ID: 310317

Tutor: Michelle Baker de Roeck

Everyone can learn to draw with the right teaching. Enjoy seeing the world through artists eyes. This course is relaxing, friendly, non-judgemental and encouraging. A lovely atmosphere in which to create. Surprise yourself

Residential price: £225.00

April 2017

Booking ID: 070417

Tutor: Leah Barnett

A gentle yoga course for all abilities, that will help restore and balance energy. It will include soothing breathing techniques, gentle yoga postures, simple meditation and nurturing relaxation. Suitable for those with moderate ME/CFS.

Residential price: £225.00

Booking ID: 210417

Tutor: Rebecca Hubbard

We will seek inspiration for creative work among the beautiful trees in Claridge Houses garden. We will go out to observe and deepen our connection and understanding of trees and what they mean to us. We will also explore the trees that flourish within us, drawing on myths, stories, our imaginations and memories. Participants may write, make images or explore moving between words and images. No previous experience is necessary. The aim is to generate new ideas and inspiration for creative work rather than produce highly finished pieces of writing or art work.

Residential price: £240.00

Booking ID: 250417

Tutor: Andrei Illes

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise that can benefit people of all ages. The health benefits of Tai Chi have been confirmed by numerous medical studies. They include improving your breathing, overall body flexibility and balance as well as reducing stress. It will be taught in a supportive atmosphere so you will leave Claridge House greatly refreshed and with a greater understanding of this ancient art. This midweek course is suitable for a range of abilities from absolute beginners to those who have been practising for a couple of years and who are seeking to have a deeper understanding of the principles of Tai Chi.

Residential price: £240.00

May 2017

Booking ID: 050517

Tutor: Angela Greenwood

In the serenity of Claridge House this retreat offers a meditative practice, based on the early Friends experience of waiting in the light, to help us explore the deeper issues of our lives. This can be searching and powerful, leading to fuller understanding and insight into ourselves and our leadings.

Residential price: £240.00

Booking ID: 080517

Tutor: Lina Newstead

Why travel to Thailand for your Yoga retreat? Simply come to Surrey for a full timetable of posture work, breathing, deep relaxation and meditation. Wonderful vegetarian food will help cleanse and heal your body. All in a peaceful, spiritual setting that will re-energise your mind, body and spirit.

Residential price: £390.00

Booking ID: 120517

Tutor: Anne Brewer

Learn how to use herbs for healing, especially those from garden or hedgerow. Make infusions, tinctures and creams. Try dowsing for herbs and experience healing through meditation on herbs. Suitable for all levels of experience. Optional walk to identify local herbs.

Residential price: £225.00

Booking ID: 160517

Tutor: Andrei Illes

When you hurt yourself, you instinctively use your hands to rub the affected area; Massage is an extension of this technique. Andrei’s soothing massages will relax you in both mind and body. At the end of the Massage Retreat you will leave the comfort of Claridge House relaxed, refreshed, but longing to return.

Residential price: £250.00

Booking ID: 190517

Tutor: Lotus

This weekend will be an opportunity for us to connect deeper with ourselves and with the world around. We will use the practice of mindfulness to explore its power for healing, transformation and nourishment. There will be creative, fun and interactive mindfulness exercises as well as time for meditation and deep relaxation.

Residential price: £240.00

Booking ID: 260517

Tutor: Francis Standish

We shall bring along, hear and look at poems that move us. We will share poems we have each written, speaking out for ourselves. We will experience resonance on various levels. We may find new meaning for ourselves in light of our time together.
A poet`s autobiography is his poetry; anything else is just a footnote. Yevtushenko
The weekend will be facilitated by Francis Standish. Francis had a career in Education until a transition into organisational learning and development. He has been a keen student of English since his teens, has a deep interest in how we speak our truth, and has written poems at significant times throughout his life.

Residential price: £225.00

June 2017

Booking ID: 020617

Tutor: Jill Keating

I dont sing because I am happy, I am happy because I sing. - William James
Within a small group we will sing songs from various genres, sing simple harmonies and explore rhythm whilst relaxing over a pleasant summer weekend. During the retreat you will learn how to connect with others through singing. We will use singing exercises, musical ice breakers, meditation and breathing techniques to breath life into your 2017. The retreat will be both fun and inspiring, boosting your confidence and singing ability in friendly, relaxed surroundings.

Residential price: £225.00

Booking ID: 080617

Tutor: Linda Woolfson

Soul Collage Facilitator training led by Linda Wilson.
For details please see

Residential price: TBC

Booking ID: 120617

Tutor: Frances Crampton

Private Function

Residential price: £370.00

Booking ID: 230617

Tutor: Bill and Gill Feeney

This course is suitable for all those wishing to deepen their understanding and awareness of the healing power of the breath through Yoga. Through talks and practical sessions covering anatomy, mudra, asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation, we will explore this most fundamental aspect of our being. Yoga beginners and more experienced students welcome.

Residential price: £240.00

July 2017

Booking ID: 140717

Tutor: Hilary Grundy

A get away from it all break to knit heart, soul and mind back together. Experience the calm of contentment that comes through using two needles, two stitches, and wool. New to knitting? Forgotten how to? Keen to update your skills? Welcome all. Only 6 places to guarantee individual attention

Residential price: £260.00

October 2017

Booking ID: 031017

Tutor: Andrei Illes

When you hurt yourself, you instinctively use your hands to rub the affected area; Massage is an extension of this technique. Andrei’s soothing massages will relax you in both mind and body. At the end of the Massage Retreat you will leave the comfort of Claridge House relaxed, refreshed, but longing to return.

Residential price: £275.00

Booking ID: 271017

Tutor: Nikki Tuke

In our busy, fast-paced lives, we rarely have time to ask if our lives have balance or indeed if we feel truly centred or grounded. Hatha Yoga offers us this opportunity of self-enquiry both on and off the mat. Yoga asks us to find that balance between holding on and letting go.
Using meditation, physical yoga practices, breathing techniques and Yoga Nidra, Nikki will guide you along your inward journey, balancing Sun/Moon energy within and finding a more centred space from which you can expand and grow.
‘Like a tree, you have to find your roots and then you can bend in the wind’ Angela Farmer.

Residential price: £280.00